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Avengers: Endgame fixes doctor strange’s timeline problem

MCU has always given special consideration to its continuity pattern. The movies might not release in chronological order but they do fit in perfectly with the MCU timeline. Dr strange putlocker free  had been a different story. The fans have argued a lot as to which year the events of Dr strange take place. Dr strange was mentioned in the movie captain America: the winter soldier but that doesn’t make any sense as at that time Dr strange was only a celebrated Doctor. In Avenger: endgame, hulk goes back in time during the first avengers and there he meets the sorcerer supreme of that time who was the ancient one.


She says that he was 5 YEARS TOO EARLY which means the events of DR strange took place in 2016-17. This means that Dr strange putlocker free has had very little time with his skill but as we know he was a prodigy and had a photogenic memory which in this case helped a lot. During the war with dormammu he might have mastered his skills and honed his mystical arts but even if he has such assets, he lacks experience especially with the time stone. In Avengers infinity war, thanos says that Dr strange wasn’t using his greatest weapon against the mad titan. The greatest weapon meant the time stone and the reason for him not using the time stone might just be that he didn’t know how to. Dr strange now perfectly fits in the MCU timeline and there is no doubt that further movies will have Dr strange. Dr strange might just be seen in a few more movies than his own.

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